Swimming Pool Exercise Equipment

Swimming Pool Exercise Equipment – 5 Best Brands!

Swimming pools provide you with a nice area to relax and workout. The key to getting a good workout requires having the right swimming pool exercise equipment. While there are many places that offer equipment, it’s important to look for a quality brand, a reasonable price and knowledge staff.

If you are looking to purchase equipment for a swimming workout here are the best five brands and the websites to purchase them.

1. 1800Pools.com offers an excellent assortment of swimming pool exercise equipment at reasonable prices, which includes the top brands. This includes the Aqua Fit swimming weights, which you can attach to your ankles or use hand bars to complete different exercises. The weights have an ergonomic design and no slip grips, making it easy to maintain handling.

2. Nefitco.com has a nice variety of swimming pool exercise equipment. They offer a mix of weights by Exervo AquaComfort. The brand features top of the line technology in their foam density dumbbells, which can stand the rigors of weather. The line also provides four resistance levels, providing you with the flexibility to tailor your workout based on different weight settings.

3. Speedo is a well-know brand that has high quality. Speedo states their dumbbells provide a more effective upper body workout by utilizing resistance strength weights.
SwimOutlet.com is one of best places on the web to purchase swimming pool exercise equipment by Speedo.

4. INYOPools.com is a popular website to purchase swimming starting blocks made by quality manufacturer S.R. Smith who‘s an industry leader in starting blocks. They provide customers with a wide range of styles and prices making easy for you to choose the block that’s right with you. Furthermore, with a knowledge staff and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, you know you’re receiving the best quality in product and services.

5. The SportCount PoolmatePro Watch Lap Counter is an excellent swimming lap counter that combines innovation and style. You can track your laps on your computer as well as your speed, calories burned and distance. You can purchase them on reputable sites such as Amazon.com.