Swimming Workouts For Weight Loss

Swimming Workouts For Weight Loss Exercises and Results

Swimming is a popular sport among people of all ages. It is a good fitness choice for just about everyone, which has been found to be very beneficial in losing weight and for individuals who have physical limitations or who find other types of exercise painful. Physiologists have noted that swimming is especially good for people who have weight limitations. The resilience of the water usually accommodates people with fragile bones or a moderate weight rather well. Swimming recruits all of the major muscle groups and forces them to work. Power is built with everything from lap swimming workouts to swimming exercises for weight loss to regular swimming just to feel the coolness of the water. Swimming encourages heart activity.

However, can one really lose pounds by participating in swimming workouts for weight loss? Swimming to lose weight has been proven to be effective in many cases. The motion of swimming back and forth in a pool has been noted to burn calories. Research performed on swimming and its effects on being the best workout for weight loss have shown many different results. Some doctors have claimed that the theory behind swimming for losing weight is that if one pushes himself and follows a specific routine then they will start to shed pounds. Some aquatic specialists have stated that many of their clients who have gained a lot of weight often swim and began seeing immediate improvements when they incorporated swimming into their daily routine. Doctors say that there are many different types of swimming workouts that can be performed such as the butterfly and backstroke. Exercise physiologists have also noted that swimming workouts to lose weight also boost an individual’s self-esteem and confidence in their ability to lose weight. Therefore swimming workouts for weight loss are effective in a two-fold approach: boosting self-esteem levels and improving one’s overall physique with superior effort.

Experts on swimming and physiologists recommend getting a swimming coach or joining classes. These are often the recommendations for swimming for beginners. Beginners are encouraged to start slowly and build up to a specific time oriented workout, three to five times a week. A warm-up and cool down are also incorporated into swimming workouts. It is suggested by experts that the individual doing the workout challenge their endurance by working out by swimming in the water. Improving stroke efficiency and speed are keys for both beginners and advanced swimming workout individuals. Some physiologists have even recommended strength training exercises in the water and practicing with a kickboard or walking the length of the pool as viable means of working out. These have been shown to strengthen muscles and to get the beginner used to the water in another form other than swimming to relax. A contented swimsuit and goggles is all an individual needs to start working out in the pool to achieve the weight loss results they desire.

Swimming provides the body with an aerobic workout similar to running on a treadmill or even on a track. Through consistent repetitive movements of a swimming stroke, joint flexibility is enhanced dramatically, as are the shoulders and core. Swimming, according to experts, usually burns anywhere from 475 to 750 calories per hour depending on the intensity of the swimming workout. In addition to the previously mentioned workouts for beginners, there are also other swimming styles that one might take up when trying to lose weight such as the sidestroke, which is considered to be one of the more basic moves, by lying sideways in the water and performing a scissor kick. This technique has been shown to burn at least 544 calories per hour. Another swimming style that has been proven to be beneficial is the front crawl, which is a form of freestyle swimming where an individual alternates their overarm strokes while kicking their feet. The breaststroke is another popular method for losing weight in a swimming pool. During the breaststroke, an individual extends their arms while pushing in a particular motion to streamline the water. This particular style has been shown to burn at least 680 calories per hour if done properly.

As with any exercise routine, finding the right attire is also a must. Most swimming pool areas and arenas require swimming suits. It is important to select one that is durable and comfortable. Experts recommend suits that are made of polyester as they tend to last longer than other materials. Skeptics of swimming weight loss routines have often mocked the sport as a worthwhile means of losing weight, yet science has proven otherwise, especially if an individual is determined to do this and combines this routine with a healthy balanced diet. Diet is a significant factor in most workout routines. Swimming is perhaps one of the better ways to alleviate stress on the body and mind as the water usually feels peaceful and relaxing, despite the vigorous exercise routines and styles associated with losing weight while swimming.