Taekwondo Belts

Taekwondo Belts In Order – What Is Behind A Tradition?

Within many martial arts styles, individuals associate the belt as a form of competency on the style itself. This same fluidity follows within the martial arts style of Taekwondo. Taekwondo belts have since its start, shown accomplishment of the individual wearing the specific color. It is essentially a tradition, not only with the Taekwondo belts, but within many different martial arts systems as well. When an individual devotes a significant amount of time to attain the specific Taekwondo belt, the individual wants the recognition associated with the specific color ranks. As with all martial arts styles, the Taekwondo belt fits around the Taekwondo uniform.

Each color symbolizes a rank within the fighting style system.

The white belt is the first and shows that the student is beginning with a clean slate. The orange rank shows that the student is still learning the ropes of Taekwondo.

The yellow level displays that the student is learning the basics of the Taekwondo kicks and stances.

The camouflage position allows the student to begin sparring with others. Taekwondo sparring gear is often purchased from martial arts supplies stores at this stage since the Taekwondo student cannot rise without sparring.

After the camouflage belt, the next degree is the green color, which symbolizes a budding power within the student.

The purple color follows and exhibits that the student is reaching into the higher levels of Taekwondo.

Blue then comes next, signifying that the student is emerging as a Taekwondo master and is almost to the finish line with their black colored rank.

Following the blue belt is brown, which shows the student is deeply rooted in the martial arts of Taekwondo. The red color comes next, showing physical and mental dexterity has been achieved.

A red/black combination follows providing a sense that the Taekwondo training has prepared the individual for another level of techniques that come with the black belt.

The final belt given is in black. When one obtains this, it shows that mastery of the art has been achieved.