Taekwondo Uniform Review

Taekwondo Uniform

The taekwondo uniform, or do bok, is similar to other martial arts uniforms. It consists of a jacket, a belt tied around the waist, and pants. The taekwondo uniform is usually white, but sometimes it is black or other solid color. Generally, the darker the uniform is, the higher the rank of the practitioner. There are three styles of taekwondo uniform:

1. Cross over front jacket that is typical martial arts style

2. V neck jacket (without a cross over), worn by WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) competitors

3. Vertical closing (no cross over) front jacket, typically worn by ITF (International Taekwondo Federation) athletes

Taekwondo is typically performed barefooted, but there are special training shoes that can be worn as part of the taekwondo uniform. Taekwondo sparring gear consists of headgear, face shields, sparring gloves, sparring shoes, chest protectors, shin and arm guards, groin guards and mouth guards.

Taekwondo ranks are divided into junior and senior groups. The junior group consists of ten ranks each identified by a different colored taekwondo belts. The senior group is made up of nine ranks, called dan. Each dan is a degree of black belt. Black belts begin with first degree and advance to ninth. The degree is indicated on the black belt typically with stripes or Roman numerals.

To advance to the next rank, students must take and pass promotion tests or demonstrations in front of a panel of judges or their instructor. Tests usually consist of execution of patterns, breaking of boards, sparring, or answering questions.

Taekwondo emphasizes kicking techniques, which distinguishes it from other martial arts such as kung fu or karate. It is thought by taekwondo practitioners that the leg is the longest and strongest human weapon and therefore kicks have the most potential to attack an opponent.

A taekwondo uniform can be purchased online or at a martial arts supplies store.

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