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Salmon Fishing Rods Review – What To Choose?

Salmon Fishing Rods

Salmon fishing is an excellent hobby to enjoy. Whether you are going on British Columbia salmon fishing trip or Alaskan salmon fishing trip, it’s important to choose the right rod as this will make your job much easier.

Salmon fishing rods come in a wide variety of sizes. One of the first steps is to find a rod with the appropriate rod butt length. The rod butt is the length between the base of the pole to the reel.

7 Interesting Facts About Alaskan Salmon Fishing

Alaskan Salmon Fishing

Did you know that Ketchikan, Alaska is the Alaskan salmon fishing capital of the world? In Alaska you can find deep sea fishing charters as well as fresh water fishing using salmon fishing rods in the many fresh water streams, rivers, and lakes. Here are seven more interesting facts about Alaskan salmon that will provide salmon fishing tips.

1. The average lifespan of a salmon is eight years.