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Alien Workshop Wheels Review

Alien Workshop Wheels

Alien Workshop offers many different types of wheels for your skateboard enjoyment. Through their well known theme of paranoia and graphic design and creators Chris Carter and Mike Hill, Alien Workshop has built a reputation for the From cruiser wheels to the standard wheels, Alien Workshop wheels, are top notch and unmatched. Sold at many different online retailers, Alien Workshop wheels range in price depending upon the type of wheel sought.

Alien Workshop: Where Innovation Meets Art

Alien Workshop Decks

It was in autumn of 1990 when two enterprising fellows from Dayton, Ohio established a skateboard company that specialized in top-of-the-line skateboard decks that are going to be recognized all over the country. What makes AWS stand out from its competitors is its highly artistic and unique designs in all its skate decks. Each product line is an art in its own right and, combined with patented technologies, the brand has been known for its creativity and innovation.

Most Popular Alien Workshop Skateboards

Alien Workshop Skateboards

Alien Workshop skateboards are made by Alien Workshop, a company based in Dayton, Ohio and founded in 1990 by Mike Hill and Chris Carter. In addition to skateboards, Alien Workshop sells decks, wheels, apparel, skateboard accessories and completes. Alien Workshop skateboards are known for their artistic graphical style, often including futurism- and paranoia-themed graphics. Alien Workshop is owned by DNA Distribution which also owns Reflex Bearings and Habitat Skateboards. Alien Workshop also sponsors several pro riders, including Rob Dyrdek, Grant Taylor, Anthony Van Engelen and Steve Berra.