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4 Best Traditional Archery Bows To Consider

Traditional Archery Bows

Choosing a bow from the extensive list of traditional archery bows can be quite daunting because every manufacturer is said to have the best of the best. What kind to buy? What draw lengths to consider? How do I know which draw weight is good for me? It can be quite confusing. Let us help narrow down your search.

Top 10 Youth Archery Bows

Youth Archery Bows

Do you want to get your kids into archery? We have the top 10 youth archery bows for you to choose from.

1. Parker Sidekick – This bow only weighs 3 pounds and since Parker introduced pink version of this bow, it is one of the perfect archery bows for women. There is an additional set of limbs to purchase so the bow can last into adulthood.