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Barefoot Running Injuries – Ball of Foot Pain!

Barefoot Running Injuries

Barefoot running can be a fun and exciting way to hit the trails. While it is a great way to enjoy exercise it can also result in running injuries if the runner is not careful.

Barefoot running injuries are common and beginners are especially susceptible to them. The adjustment from running in shoes to bare feet takes time for a body to adjust to.

Top 10 Running Barefoot Benefits

Running Barefoot Benefits

Barefoot running has flourished as a great form of exercise. For those looking to try this style, here are some barefoot running training tips.

Since most runners go from cushioned shoes to bare feet, it is ideal that they make a gradual transition into this running method. This type of jogging requires stress on different joints; therefore the first place to start is by learning correct barefoot running technique.

Barefoot Running Technique Tips

Barefoot Running Technique

Barefoot running technique tips can be very beneficial if you plan to start running using this method, and many experts believe that this form of running is the least damaging because of the positioning used and the techniques followed. Shoes can actually cause your feet to respond differently, and barefoot running training may take some time to successfully complete. You should start off by walking rapidly over many different types