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Barefoot Running Injuries – Ball of Foot Pain!

Barefoot Running Injuries

Barefoot running can be a fun and exciting way to hit the trails. While it is a great way to enjoy exercise it can also result in running injuries if the runner is not careful.

Barefoot running injuries are common and beginners are especially susceptible to them. The adjustment from running in shoes to bare feet takes time for a body to adjust to.

3 Best Trail Running Training Plans

Trail Running Training

Trail running training requires much discipline and resolve as it can be difficult to maintain the training regimen. Before beginning, it’s important to have the correct equipment.

Selecting the best trail running shoes is essential as they can provide comfort and durability on rough terrain.

Barefoot Running Shoes – 5 Best Choices Experts Recommend!

Barefoot Running Shoes

Barefoot running is an excellent way to enjoy running. Running barefoot benefits include a more comfortable running style. In a report from WebMD, it also states running barefoot can reduce shock on a runner’s joints as oftentimes runners land on the balls of their feet.