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Top 10 Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks

Super Bowl Winning Quarterbacks

The Super Bowl is the culmination of success for every NFL team. For all their hard work, the grand stage of the Super Bowl offers a reward and the national spotlight. For many of the teams that earned a trip and won they had Super Bowl winning quarterbacks. Ironically, none of the quarterbacks on this list won the quarterback challenge.

Here is a look at the ten best Super Bowl winning quarterbacks.

1. Number one has to be Joe Montana. Montana led the 49ers to multiple Super Bowl wins.

Top 10 Best Looking NFL Players

Best Looking NFL Players

Girls, who are the best looking NFL players? This list of NFL hotties includes Super Bowl winning quarterbacks (Tom Brady), unproven rookies (Tim Tebow), a QB with a lousy quarterback rating (Matt Liernart), a kicker (Adam Vinatieri), and a pair of quarterback brothers (the Manning brothers).

1. Tim Tebow, Quarterback, Denver Broncos