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Best Tennis Balls For Clay Courts vs Hard Courts

Best Tennis Balls

Tennis is played on all kinds of surfaces such as grass, clay and hard courts. Every surface has individual characteristics unique to that type of surface that affect the way the game is played. It is important to have the best tennis balls and the best tennis rackets for each of the varying surfaces. There are three different types

Best Tennis Racket For Beginners – Top 5 Picks!

Best Tennis Racket For Beginners

It is important for those learning the game of tennis to be able to enjoy the game. The learning curve, while a steep one in any sport, allows for improvement over time through continued practice. In order to make the learning curve less steep, one of the essential basics is finding the best tennis racket for beginners.

Tennis Lesson Plans For Preschool Kids – What To Expect?

Tennis Lesson Plans

With the ever expanding appeal that tennis is receiving these days, parents are now trying to promote getting their child in the sport. Tennis has been incorporated into schools as well with the recent resurgence. Learning tennis in schools, however, is not the easiest if the environment is not conducive to the equipment needed for tennis lessons for kids.