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Billabong Board Shorts For Women Review

Billabong Board Shorts

For years Billabong has been producing clothing for men and women that range from tees to tanks to jackets. Founded in 1973 in Queensland, Australia, Billabong clothing remains possibly the most prominent brand in surfboard shorts, entrancing and cool accessories such as their line, the Billabong rising sun, which includes hats

Billabong Girls: Top 10 Accessories For Surfing Girls

Billabong Girls

1. EFX Performance Wristwatch- Billabong girls offers an incredible wristwatch that can help you keep track of your performance. This watch is one of the top ten accessories used by girls who surf.

2. Blade Backpack- While a backpack can not carry your Billabong surfboards, it can carry the rest of your gear in style. This backpack offers plenty of room for all your equipment and can be easily carried without any discomfort.

Top 10 Surf Board Shorts For Men

Surf Board Shorts For Men

1. Hurley surf board shorts- Hurley offers one of the top ten shorts for men who surf. This apparel is top quality with a comfortable fit, and movement is easy. This is important when you are riding the waves and any restriction could cause you to wipe out.

2. Billabong board shorts- Billabong offers some of the best shorts you can find, and a price which is reasonable for the quality