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Bluetooth Snowboard Helmet – Worth Buying or Not?

Bluetooth Snowboard Helmet

For those shopping for snowboarding helmets, they may be bombarded with the many choices available to them. Along with the plethora of helmets available, the technological gains have given snowboarders the access to do a variety of things through their helmet, such as listening to music through their mp3 player.

Snowboarding Goggles – Which Ones To Choose?

Snowboarding Goggles

Snowboarding goggles are necessary if you participate in this sport, but which ones should you choose? There is no goggle that is right for everyone, and just like with snowboarding clothes you will probably prefer something that another snowboarder may not think is the best choice. The fit is very important, because these goggles will protect your eyes from any damage or injury, and shade them from the sun so that you can see better as you work your way down the runs.