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Shark Fishing Gear List

Shark Fishing Gear

Shark fishing is an exhilarating experience that will leave the angler with a time they will never forget. In order to be successful in your venture you must plan properly and know which type of shark you are going to hunt. The first step in your preparation for fishing is to equip with the correct shark fishing gear.

Shark fishing gear may depend on how you go fishing.

Top 10 Key West Fishing Charters

Key West Fishing Charters

Key West is an amazing area that features breathtaking views of the ocean and awesome attractions. One of the most popular is Key West fishing charters.

Here is a look at their ten best.

1. Spear One charters offers deep sea fishing charters as well as fly-fishing and reef fishing. With a wide diversity of types of fishing this is an ideal draw for many anglers.

7 Things To Know About Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Deep Sea Fishing Charters

Below are seven things to know about deep sea fishing charters. For example, the deep sea fishing boat has a fish storage tank large enough to accommodate all the fish caught by the passengers. Here are some more interesting items on deep sea fishing charters.

1. The farther you go, the bigger the fish you’ll catch – Fish that are caught 50 miles from shore are generally bigger than the fish caught closer to shore.

Top 10 Deep Sea Fishing San Diego Companies

Deep Sea Fishing San Diego

The companies below offer some of the best deep sea fishing San Diego has to offer. The water off the coast of San Diego has some of the best deep sea fishing in the world. During the summer, the warm waters near San Diego attract a large number of fish. Within ten miles of the shore you can catch sand bass, calico bass, white sea bass, mackerel, barracuda, and dorado. Deep sea fishing charters that go out 60 to 80 miles report albacore, big eye tuna, bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, yellow tail, and skipjack.

7 Interesting Facts About Alaskan Salmon Fishing

Alaskan Salmon Fishing

Did you know that Ketchikan, Alaska is the Alaskan salmon fishing capital of the world? In Alaska you can find deep sea fishing charters as well as fresh water fishing using salmon fishing rods in the many fresh water streams, rivers, and lakes. Here are seven more interesting facts about Alaskan salmon that will provide salmon fishing tips.

1. The average lifespan of a salmon is eight years.