Top 10 Weight Lifting Routines For Beginners

As spring steadily approaches, it is important to keep your body active. What better way to keep your body active than by weight lifting. There are many different weight lifting routines available online and via many different health outlets such as manuals and stores that can aid you in your bodybuilding diet plans, weight lifting equipment decision making and overall support in the weight training process. When considering weight lifting routines, Continue reading Top 10 Weight Lifting Routines For Beginners

Adjustable Dumbbells Pros and Cons

When working out with adjustable dumbbells, whether individual or in a dumbbell sets, this kind of bodybuilding can be quite effective. Throughout the years, bodybuilding sets such as adjustable dumbbells have gone through many different changes in an effort to make them more convenient and to make them compact in how they take up space in your workout area. Adjustable dumbbells are usually apart of most bodybuilding workout programs, as they offer many benefits for strengthening the muscles. Continue reading Adjustable Dumbbells Pros and Cons

Dumbbell Sets for Women: Pros and Cons

Dumbbell sets provide a convenient way to work out at home. And since women often feel self-conscious at gyms that are dominated by muscle-bound men, dumbbells are an attractive option for women to include in their weight lifting routines. Dumbbell sets for women often come with comfortable handles with smaller grips. This makes bodybuilding with dumbbells more safe and enjoyable for women. Dumbbell sets for women also come in a variety of colors and usually include lighter weight dumbbells that are easier to lift. The dumbbell is often the most popular piece of weight lifting equipment for women. Continue reading Dumbbell Sets for Women: Pros and Cons