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Hog Hunting With Dogs – Why Is It Gaining Popularity?

Hog Hunting With Dogs

Hog hunting with dogs has become quite popular recently. There are many reasons for this. People have used dogs in whitetail deer hunting and found how effective they can be in retrieving their prey. Here is a look at why this has translated over to wild hog hunting.

Hog hunting with dogs took off because hunters realized how remarkable a dog’s scent could be when trained properly.

Top 10 Wild Boar Hunting Tips

Wild Boar Hunting

Wild boar hunting is one of the most exciting hunting sports. Here are ten tips to make your wild boar hunting trip more productive.

1. Cracked corn and diesel are good baits for attracting boars for wild pig hunting. Adding diesel at a 1:20 ratio helps keep other critters, such as raccoons, away from the bait.

2. Place sow urine in places of high activity. Be sure not to