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Ballroom Dancing Lessons For Kids Programs

Ballroom Dancing Lessons

While some schools are abolishing extra curricular activities to save money, the American Ballroom Theater Company has started a non-profit program called Dancing Classrooms that brings a dancing curriculum into the schools. This program was born from the award winning film called Mad Hot Ballroom. Various cities

Top 5 Gymnastic Classes For Kids in the USA

Gymnastic Classes For Kids

So, you have a future Olympian on your hands and you want to get them into gymnastics classes for kids as soon as possible. Find below is a list of top five facilities for kids and a quick review of each facility. The training is only a part of becoming an Olympian. For your child to succeed, he or she must have the ambition to do so.

Kids Dance Classes – How To Choose The Right Dance School?

Kids Dance Classes

Kids dance classes come in many types, but how can you choose the right school for your child when it comes to their dance instruction? There are many things that you will need to look at and evaluate. What is the total cost for the lessons, including dance costumes, registration charges, tuition, recital costs, and other expenses? You will need to consider your budget when looking at kids dance classes, but this should not be the most