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5 Most Popular Latin Dance Lessons For Beginners

Latin Dance Lessons

Want to learn how to Salsa dance? Do you want these lessons to be private, yet affordable? We have the top five Latin dance lessons DVDs for beginners listed just for you.

1. Let’s Dance Salsa – Beginners Lessons 2 – This DVD is by professional instructor Marlon Silva.

Private Dance Lessons: Top 10 Reasons To Consider

Private Dance Lessons

1. Individual Attention From The Instructor -Private dance lessons mean that you get individual attention from the instructor instead of being one of many students all competing for attention and feedback.

2. Learn Faster – Whether you are looking for ballroom instruction or Latin dance lessons you will learn faster with private lessons. This is because you are the only student, so the instruction can go at your pace instead of keeping pace with the slowest learner in each class.