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Mini Golf Supplies – Top 10 Online Stores!

Mini Golf Supplies

Mini golf is a great way for families and friends to spend time together. Building a mini golf course can be fun and challenging. For starters, selecting the correct mini golf supplies will go a long way in making miniature golf construction go smoothly.

Here we came up with Top 10 online stores to check out:

1. Harris Miniature Golf Course Company offers construction for those wanting to build a mini golf course.

7 Interesting Facts About Indoor Mini Golf

Indoor Mini Golf

Mini golf has its beginnings in the 1800s and continues today with exotic obstacle golf courses and indoor mini golf. Did you know the first mini golf course was built for women? This interesting fact and many others are listed here.

1. The first mini golf course is the Ladies’ Putting Club located in St. Andrews, Scotland. Built in 1867, the mini golf course was built for women since it was, at that time, considered inappropriate for ladies to take a full swing at the golf ball.