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Grave Digger Monster Truck – Legend of Truck Racing!

Grave Digger Monster Truck

The Grave Digger (GD) was originally launched in 1981 by Dennis Anderson. Known as one of the most impressive and influential monster trucks of all time, the Grave Digger Monster Truck has made appearances at monster truck rally. Garnering its reputation for being brutal and brash, the Grave Digger Monster Truck, is often incorporated into many monster truck racing games. Known for its visible trademarks,

Car Racing for Kids – What Are My Options?

Car Racing for Kids

If your family enjoys watching NASCAR or Formula One racing on TV, why not try car racing for kids? Most kids love car racing. They enjoy watching racecars and go kart racing and racing video games.

Slot car racing has been a popular activity for kids for decades. A slot car is a miniature powered car which is guided by a slot in the race track. Slot cars are often scaled models of actual cars.

Monster Truck Racing Games Review

Monster Truck Racing Games

Playing monster truck racing games is a great way for the entire family to enjoy monster truck fun at home. A monster truck is a highly modified pickup truck with extremely large tires and suspension. At monster truck shows, monster trucks often crush other vehicles and obstacles. Monster trucks usually have hydraulic steering in both the rear and front. The front wheels are controlled by the steering wheel while the rear wheels are controlled by a toggle switch. The monster truck tires are “Terra” tires with a diameter of 66 inches, a size typically used on fertilizer spreaders.

Funny Cars Drag Racing Review

Funny Cars Drag Racing

Funny cars drag racing started in the 1960s as a variant of regular drag racing. Drag racing grew in popularity after World War II and involves a race between two cars on a straight track, usually a quarter mile long. Since the dragsters go so fast, drag races can be over in a matter of seconds and finishing speeds can be over 300 miles per hour. Some drag cars go so fast that they require a parachute to slow down.