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Running Back Rankings – Top 10 Football Stars!

Running Back Rankings

One good way to help players become more involved is to establish engaging ways for them to enjoy the game. For running backs, there are many ways to keep them connected.

To begin, have them do running back workouts. This is a great way for them to develop their skills and technique.

Running Back Drills For Kids

Running Back Drills For Kids

When developing kids to become running backs it’s important your running back drills emphasize fun and technique. Running back workouts typically employ everything from nutrition to footwork, so it’s important you customize a plan that includes all faucets. Here is a look at examples of running back drills and how you can keep kids interested.

The first is a zigzag drill according to We Play Football’s website.

Top 10 NFL Running Backs List

NFL Running Backs

If you are preparing to draft your fantasy football team, consider one of these top NFL running backs. These runners proved themselves during the 2010 NFL season and show up near the top of NFL running back rankings.

1. Arian Foster from Houston Texans. Foster is the 2010 NFL rushing leader. Just a year before he was an undrafted free agent on the practice squad. Foster broke the record held by Priest Holmes for the most yards from scrimmage by an undrafted player.

Top 10 Best Looking NFL Players

Best Looking NFL Players

Girls, who are the best looking NFL players? This list of NFL hotties includes Super Bowl winning quarterbacks (Tom Brady), unproven rookies (Tim Tebow), a QB with a lousy quarterback rating (Matt Liernart), a kicker (Adam Vinatieri), and a pair of quarterback brothers (the Manning brothers).

1. Tim Tebow, Quarterback, Denver Broncos