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Ballroom Dancing Lessons For Kids Programs

Ballroom Dancing Lessons

While some schools are abolishing extra curricular activities to save money, the American Ballroom Theater Company has started a non-profit program called Dancing Classrooms that brings a dancing curriculum into the schools. This program was born from the award winning film called Mad Hot Ballroom. Various cities

What You Need To Buy For Online Belly Dance Classes

Belly Dance Classes

Yes, you can actually learn to belly dance online. How it works is that as a class is being taught live, numerous cameras are filming the instructors and students. Then it is edited to get the best possible angles for each lesson. You can watch and learn at your convenience and comforts of your own home.

Private Dance Lessons: Top 10 Reasons To Consider

Private Dance Lessons

1. Individual Attention From The Instructor -Private dance lessons mean that you get individual attention from the instructor instead of being one of many students all competing for attention and feedback.

2. Learn Faster – Whether you are looking for ballroom instruction or Latin dance lessons you will learn faster with private lessons. This is because you are the only student, so the instruction can go at your pace instead of keeping pace with the slowest learner in each class.