Take Your Skating To The Extreme With Pro-Tec Gear!

Pro-Tec Helmets

Skateboarding is a sport for the daredevils. People who love to take it to the extremes! Skateboarding is awesome and not everybody gets to experience it. Knowing that what you’re gonna do is dangerous adds excitement and thrill to the ride of your life. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to die in this sport. That’s why protective gears like helmets and pads are also needed. That’s where Pro-Tec jumps in!

Pro-Tec went into action in the early 70’s; this is also the same time urethane skateboard wheels were invented. This revolutionary skate wheels was excellent for resisting abrasion, outstanding performance, and ride characteristics. It suited a range of surface conditions and it was faster and harder. The use of these wheels made regular skateboarders to fearless air flyers. Skaters were able to bring to life unimaginable maneuvers. Tricks were bigger, faster and are more daring. However, because of this development in skateboarding, consequences were also getting serious. Pro-Tec began to revolutionize their products. The same daredevils who formed the foundation of the rebellious sport quickly adopted decks, helmets, and protective gears to suit the extreme sport. Until today, Pro-Tec equips skateboarders the same gear styles that still define the Pro-Tec authenticity.

Pro-Tec’s products is always imitated but never duplicated. They have a unique technology being used in all protective gears and skateboard decks. Pro-Tec acquired a technology specially designed for hard-core and aggressive skateboarding. The SXP technology is designed for multiple impact protection. Air flows back after the impact hits the helmet unlike the regular EPS system where the impact crushes the cushion. SXP technology makes helmets last longer and gives quality protection for skateboarders.

Pro-Tec has different kind of helmets used to skateboarding. The B2, which has the sxp technology, is the most popular. The B2 crushes all others when it comes to fit and style. A signature helmet includes a sticker sheet of their sponsor. The Classic helmet is lined with EPS foam for added protection, has stainless steel rivets, and soft tubular webbing. Another popular kind of product they have is the original 70’s skate helmet that comes with a classic ear protection styling, a comfortable liner, stainless steel rivets, and soft tubular webbing.

Pads are also part of a skateboarders’ gear. Pro-Tec has also revolutionized their pads. They offer ankle braces that have built-in support system for prevention against sprains or ankle related injuries. Soft & comfortable, lace-up fit system. Its flexible support allows your foot to maintain mobility. Park pads are slim and low profile suited to wear under your clothes, while providing protection. The Push-flex technique gives you the freedom for movement. The Double Down is an undercover knee and elbow protection. So slim that it can be worn under clothing. Together with the sleeve is a removable foam pad and small internal hard cap, stashed in a nylon pocket. Small but very protective. Street wrist guards are full wrap straps that provide palm protection and wrist support. Pro-Tec made a name when the Street Pad was born. High-grade fabrics and polycarbonate caps provide protection without restricting movement.

When it comes to skateboarding, Pro-Tec is the leading industry. Indeed, Pro-Tec gear can protect you and your style.

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