Tandem Parasailing

Tandem Parasailing – What You Need To Know About Weight Limits?

What better way to enjoy the exotic and exhilaration of parasailing than by doing tandem parasailing. One of the most popular places that offer tandem parasailing is Key West. Soak in the vast aerial views, picturesque palms all while floating high in Key West parasailing. Parasailing in Miami is popular due to the impeccable weather that is fit for tandem parasailing. It is also recommended to check out Destin parasailing. Destin, Florida is the perfect vacation spot where parasailing can be undertaken. Other states such as Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah and Washington to name a few also offer tandem parasailing for reasonable prices so you can soar and see what the sky has to offer. Tourists and residents flock to experience the elation of this type of parasailing each and every year. Many parasailing companies offer reduced rates and deals for the first time parasailer to the seasoned one. Before booking your tandem parasailing adventure however, there are some key things that you must know about the tandem parasailing that include weight limits and other information pertaining to your flighting journey. Here are a few of them.

1. Most parasailing companies require a minimum weight amount of at least 125 pounds and a combined weight of no more than 450 pounds. The maximum weight can fluctuate during the day.

2. The weight limit can also be limited based on the weather as well.

3. The captain may opt to reschedule your tandem expedition if the surf conditions do not agree.

4. Almost all companies contend that anyone participating in parasailing must be at least 16. There are some exceptions to this, however, depending on where the parasailing is taking place.

5. Many parasailing companies price their parasailing based on the minimum and maximum weight limits. It is important to check with the particular company about their individual requirements before considering booking and which parasailing equipment is needed.