Tennis Lesson Plans

Tennis Lesson Plans For Preschool Kids – What To Expect?

With the ever expanding appeal that tennis is receiving these days, parents are now trying to promote getting their child in the sport. Tennis has been incorporated into schools as well with the recent resurgence. Learning tennis in schools, however, is not the easiest if the environment is not conducive to the equipment needed for tennis lessons for kids. There are many camps that parents can send their children to for tennis lesson plans. Tennis camps are designed to instill the basic facets of tennis into the child. If you consider sending your child to a tennis camp, there are a few things that you can expect with the camp’s tennis lesson plans that are universal to almost every camp.

One of the first things that tennis camps teach in their tennis lesson plans regarding tennis is drills. Some camps will establish these drills into games in order to better allow the child to grasp the fundamental tennis concepts. They are essential to the development of the player – whether that player is a preschooler learning the basic tennis strokes or whether an adult is perfecting his or her game in an adult tennis camp. Tennis drills for children tend to involve developing the forehand and backhand in an effort for the child to learn topspin. Enriching the topspin is one of the fundamentals of any successful tennis player. One of the simplest tennis drills that many tennis camps for preschoolers incorporate into their tennis lesson plans is known as the Two Touch, which reinforces both the forehand and backhand volleying. This allows the child player to develop a feel for their racket and to learn the basic skills associated with tennis (i.e. service line, how to serve and rallying). Parents can expect that tennis drills will be the bulk of the events that take place in tennis camps for preschoolers, young kids and teenagers. The type of tennis camp is not as important as ensuring that the particular camp has the necessary and critical items such as the best tennis rackets needed to bring the novice into an arena where they become an excellent tennis player.