Texas Turkey Hunting

Texas Turkey Hunting Tips

Texas turkey hunting is a fun and exciting outdoor activity practiced all over the great state of Texas. When you go hunting for turkeys, be sure to bring appropriate turkey hunting gear. Here are seven more Texas turkey hunting tips.

1. Ask questions – It is not hard to find a Texas turkey hunting guide or outfitter, but be sure to ask about the ranch lands on which you will be hunting. Ask specifically about how much land will be available to you to hunt. Find out how many other hunters will be hunting at the same time. Ask if the hunt is guided or not. Be sure to ask about the wild turkey hunting limit. Usually the turkey limit is two birds, but it may be more.

2. Texas is full of wide open spaces, so binoculars are a must. Get a high-quality pair and also consider a range finder. In the open areas distances are sometimes hard to judge.

3. Consider taking a portable seat or wear a hunting vest with a seat built in. If you have to stay stationary for an extended period of time, a comfortable seating arrangement will help you remain vigilant while staying comfortable.

4. Make sure you have the right type of camo. Better yet, take different types of camo so you have some for a variety of terrains and conditions.

5. Be aware of snakes. Snake boots are a good idea to protect your feet, ankles, and legs from snake bites.

6. A GPS – don’t leave home without it. When you are in the woods or an open field, you can wander in circles all day long and think you are making progress. With a GPS you can mark waypoints and use the back track feature to determine where you have already been. Be sure to make your car’s location before embarking on your hunt on foot.

7. Clothe yourself properly for the weather. Texas can be hot, but it can also be unpredictable. Carry plenty of water and other essential turkey hunting supplies.

Texas turkey hunting, like Nebraska turkey hunting, is an adventurous outdoor sport you can enjoy with your family and friends. Gobble it up!