Toddler Gymnastics

Toddler Gymnastics: Tips on When To Start and What To Buy

If you have an energetic toddler at home who is already climbing out of his crib or doing somersaults on the floor, these are good signs to think about starting him in a toddler gymnastics class. However, some gyms have a group activity called a mommy and me class where you can enroll yourself and your child as early as 4 months. This is a perfect program as it allows you and your child to grow with the gym. By the time your child is of age to be in gymnastic classes for kids, you will have known the gym and the instructors and how they work, and whether or not you want to continue or look elsewhere. Finding the right gym, trainers, and support staff is critical in how far your child goes.

Basic gym classes for toddlers start at about 12 months and are typically tumbling lessons on gymnastic mats to strengthen muscles and skills and to have fun, and then they make their way up to using the bigger gymnastic equipment such as the balancing beam and rings.

Typical equipment for toddler gymnastic classes can be different depending on the gym, however they usually are:

– Leotards for girls

– Ponytail holder for girls and/or boys if needed

– T-shirt and athletic shorts or sweatpants for boys

– Bare feet

Once your toddler gets older and into the other classes, their equipment changes and also gets bigger. They will need special shoes for the balancing beam and grips for the rings and bars. These things and other specialty equipment can be bought at your gym.

Toddler gymnastic classes are about strengthening their muscles and getting the basic skills down. However, none of that is important if your child isn’t having fun. Any parent with a two year old knows that if he or she isn’t having fun at something, the two year old cannot be forced to do it. Both the child and the parent will be miserable if the issue is forced upon the child. So, the key is to have lots of fun.