Best Looking NFL Players

Top 10 Best Looking NFL Players

Girls, who are the best looking NFL players? This list of NFL hotties includes Super Bowl winning quarterbacks (Tom Brady), unproven rookies (Tim Tebow), a QB with a lousy quarterback rating (Matt Liernart), a kicker (Adam Vinatieri), and a pair of quarterback brothers (the Manning brothers).

1. Tim Tebow, Quarterback, Denver Broncos

2. Tom Brady, Quarterback, New England Patriots

3. Joey Harrington, Quarterback, Miami Dolphins

4. Jason Taylor, Linebacker, Miami Dolphins

5. Tony Romo, Quarterback, Dallas Cowboys

6. Adam Vinatieri, Kicker, Indianapolis Colts

7. Matt Liernart, Quarterback, Arizona Cardinals

8. Wes Welker, Receiver, New England Patriots

9. Jay Cutler, Quarterback, Chicago Bears

10. The Manning brothers, Eli and Peyton, QBs, New York Giants and Indianapolis Colts

The NFL has a four-game pre-season followed by a 17-week, 16-game regular season. After the NFL’s regular season, there is a 12-team playoff tournament which ends with the Super Bowl in February. Every week from August until February of the following year there are opportunities to watch your favorite NFL player.

The NFL Pro Bowl is the league’s all star game. It has traditionally been held on the weekend after the Super Bowl. For the last two years, the NFL Pro Bowl has been held the weekend before the Super Bowl at the same venue. However, players that are on Super Bowl teams do not compete in the NFL Pro Bowl in order to avoid the risk of injury.

Sometimes, the best looking NFL players are not the best running backs or quarterbacks. Even mediocre players or second stringers can make the list of best looking NFL players. So ladies, while your husband or boyfriend is checking out the cheerleaders at the game, grab your binoculars and zoom in on the NFL running backs, quarterbacks, defensive backs and other players along the sideline. Unfortunately, while the cheerleaders are wearing skimpy, attention-grabbing outfits, the best looking NFL players are under a helmet and pads.