Bodybuilding Supplements

Top 10 Bodybuilding Supplements Guide

Bodybuilding supplements are becoming more popular as individuals are seeking to increase their muscle mass. Bodybuilding supplements provide the body with concentrated focus, so calories are the main objective. With so many supplements on the market, which ones do you buy? It depends on your bodybuilding workout program and the type of bodybuilding diet plan you will be practicing. Some bodybuilding supplements are better than others providing the necessary nutrients for the various routines such as biceps and triceps building and strengthening, abdominal exercises for women and overall full body workout routines. Here is a list of the top 10 bodybuilding supplements that you should consider purchasing.

1. Whey – whey protein has been shown to provide muscle building support. This dietary supplement usually comes in many different flavors ranging from chocolate to mint to vanilla.

2. Creatine – packing its punch, creatine is used purely to build muscle and is very potent in its affects.

3. Preworkout boosters – found in the form of nitrous oxide usually, these provide the necessary levels of performance as they are required to be ingested pre workout.

4. Multivitamins – these help in ensuring that there is no deficiency in what the body needs during a workout. As workouts can be quite taxing on the body, it is important to make certain that the body has the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs.

5. Vitamin B-Complex – different from the multivitamin in that its sole function is control and release of the gastric juices in the body’s digestion. This is also one of the components of many natural bodybuilding diets as well.

6. Desiccated Liver – known as the staple among all supplements for weight lifters, just ensure that the brand you purchase notes its contents in grains.

7. EFAs – essential fatty acids allow for body growth and overall wellbeing, which is why they are recommended in addition to what is found in the multivitamin.

8. ZMA – a mineral formula that has been proven to improve sleep quality; this particular formula can provide the necessary recuperation that may be needed after a taxing workout.

9. BCAA’s – target specific to athletes, these amino acids provide the bulking action needed during a workout.

10. Vitamin C – known for strengthening the capillaries in the body, Vitamin C promotes clean bodily cells and overall body energy needed for a workout.