Top 10 Cheap Hot Air Balloon Rides Locations

Hot Air Balloon Rides

When opting to have a pleasurable and agreeable hot air balloon ride in the sky, it is essential that you find a destination that offers reasonably cheap hot air balloon rides. Almost all balloon rides provide an immaculate landscape to view while enjoying a sky adventure like no other. When deciding on which areas to visit or fly above, the timing of the event is also important. It is essential to research hot air balloon facts, so you know what type of ride to take even in the cheap hot air balloon rides destination.

Here is a list of the top 10 cheap hot air balloon rides locations.

1. Napa Valley,CA – despite the fact that it is quite popular, it is a relatively cheaper journey to take than other places such as ballooning in Spain. Napa Valley also offers hot air balloon wedding packages as well.

2. Temecula, CA – providing you a backdrop of the annual hot air balloon festival, you will be like a kid floating on a cloud of colorful balloons, spectacular wines to taste and live music.

3. Albuquerque, NM – with a traditional hot air balloon fiesta in your midst, this place is guaranteed to cut the costs on your wallet all while providing a fireworks display.

4. Reno, NV – while Nevada is traditionally known for gambling, cheap hot air balloon rides are a close second. This city packs punch with its hot air balloon competition.

5. Gatineau, Quebec – if you ever make it to one of Canada’s most popular provinces, be sure to check out their ballooning adventures all that are under $100.

6. Decatur, Al – soar to new heights with this hot air balloon destination. Taste the lively air with a celebration that is free.

7. Readington, NJ – more popular in the late summer months, this popular destination offers affordable ballooning experiences and a festival of ballooning you must see to believe.

8. New Brunswick – among field of hot air balloons is a cheap hot air balloon flight location seated beneath Sussex.

9. Longview, TX – evening glow captivates this affordable hot air balloon rides destination with its street vendors, and live music.

10. Colorado Springs, Co – known for having one of the longest and largest ballooning festivals in the country, this cheap hot air balloon rides destination will leave you speechless.

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