Top 10 Colorado Ski Resorts

Colorado Ski Resorts

1. Steamboat Springs- One of the top ten Colorado ski resorts is Steamboat Springs. You will find soft powder that is knee deep on most days, and the trails are challenging to say the least. Private instruction and other amenities can also be found here.

2. Vail- The Vail Colorado ski resort is one of the best known in the world, and people travel from around the globe to ski at Vail. The snow is always exceptional, and the trails have various difficulty levels. Vail is one of the largest resorts you will find.

3. Aspen Highlands- This is not one of the top Vermont ski resorts, and you will not find snobby or snooty in this aspens resort. The Highlands offers complex and challenging trails which are sure to leave you breathless but begging for more.

4. Wolf Creek- Wolf Creek is one of the Colorado ski resorts that always seems to get a lot of snow, no matter what the areas surrounding the resort are doing. This is a laid back resort without a lot of crowds, but you will find plenty of trails to run down.

5. Breckenridge- Breckenridge Colorado ski resort is not only one of the top ten resorts in Colorado but is considered one of the best in the world.

6. Snowmass- While this may not be one of the best known resorts, it is definitely one of the top ten in Colorado. It is quite large in size, with many trails and a lot of amenities in the area to enjoy when you are not on the slopes.

7. Beaver Creek- This is one of the hidden gem Colorado ski resorts, and that means no crowds and plenty of time on the slopes. While it is close to Vail and receives substantial snowfall, this resort is quieter and less rushed.

8. Aspen Meadows Resort- This is one of the Aspen Colorado ski resorts that feature many trails which range from easy to complex, and can be ideal for everyone.

9. Winter Park- Winter Park is one of the top ten Colorado ski resorts because it offers numerous trails but is secluded and not well known. You can ski in pristine beauty without a lot of competition for the same space.

10. Copper Mountain- When you come to Copper Mountain remember your downhill skis, because this resort has some very challenging runs and trails that may tax even the most skilled and experienced skier.

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