Cozumel Snorkeling Tours

Top 10 Cozumel Snorkeling Tours

Ranked high among the top best Caribbean snorkeling places, Cozumel harnesses the powerful aspects of island magic and divine mainlands fit for exploration. Cozumel snorkeling allows one to be fascinated by the beautiful under waters as they flip their fins and other snorkeling gear through the currents. Cozumel snorkeling tours are perfect for immediate exploration into the realms. When deciding what snorkeling tour to take, it is important to research the plethora of information such as price, and areas that offer both do it yourself tours and tours with guides and instructors. Fascinate your eyes with these ten places that provide Cozumel snorkeling tours:

1. Playa Calatita – a fun and passionate area for superb snorkeling that makes for an entertaining visit to Cozumel if only for this striking Cozumel snorkeling tours occurrence.

2. Playa Uvas – a Cozumel tour that accentuates the beauty of the island, while maintaining the well-known snorkeling characteristics that accompany snorkeling not only in Cozumel, but snorkeling in Bahamas as well.

3. The PalMar Estate – a paradise known well by snorkelers and beach walkers, the PalMar Estate is easily accessible and guarantees an unforgettable experience in the waters of Cozumel.

4. Playa Villa Blanca – with two piers, outdoor shows and striking snorkeling adventures awaiting you, this tour combines relaxation and unparalleled snorkeling among its huge oasis.

5. Playa Bella Vista – immerse yourself in the long shore stretch of this sandy beach and the astounding snorkeling excursion that awaits. A frequented place among snorkelers, Playa Bella Vista offers many different snorkeling options.

6. Marina Caleta Playa – known as Paradise reef, this Cozumel place to tour is beautiful and one can discover the shoreline that is complete with inconceivable snorkeling opportunities.

7. Playa Corona – imbibe the tranquility, serenity and peace of the crystal clear waters while moving through the waters to explore the immaculate sea life living underneath.

8. The Mystic Snorkeling Tour – reviewers have called this the best Cozumel snorkeling tour as the trip provides you with a dive instructor and unprecedented depths to explore in both shallow and deep coral reefs, formations and caves off Cozumel Island. Snorkeling can see coral heads, fish, starfish, and baby fish in the sparkling underwater scenery. This unbelievable tour will be etched in your mind once complete.

9. Reef Glass Bottomed Boat Tour – enjoy the fascinating coral reefs of the beautiful Paradise Reef as you snorkel down under watching tropical fish and other marine life through a glass bottomed boat.

10. The FI Offshore Explorer – through a pristine tour, prepare for an adventure that is exciting and intriguing. This snorkeling tour in Cozumel provides an up close view of the underwater life that lives beneath the coast of the Riviera Maya.