Dance Costumes For Girls

Top 10 Dance Costumes For Girls

1. Ballerina Tutu-One of the top dance costumes for girls is a ballerina outfit with a tutu. Girls of all ages enjoy this frilly and very feminine costume, and many recitals are created around a ballet theme.

2. Princess- A princess costume is a favorite for girls, because who did not dream of becoming a princess when they grew up? This costume type can be elegant or simple, depending on your budget and your child’s preferences.

3. Flamenco Dress- Latin dance costumes are very popular with girls regardless of their age, and the flamenco dress is one of the top. The cascading frills on this dress make any girl feel grown up and beautiful, and it is very easy to dance in.

4. Poodle Skirt- One of the top ten dance costumes for girls is the poodle skirt ensemble. Many musicals and recitals may use this costume.

5. Capri Length Unitard- This look was made famous in the movie Grease, and it is still a popular dance option today. The material stretches and gives to allow movement while being form fitting at the same time.

6. Belly Dancer- The belly dancer costume with harem pants is another top dance choice for girls. This costume may not look right with ballroom dance shoes, but when delicate slippers or other dance footwear is worn the costume looks authentic.

7. Flapper- The flapper costume is one of the top dance costumes, and many girls like the fringe and the way that this dress moves when they dance.

8. Leotard And Tights- Leotards and tights can work well for any type of dance lessons, even salsa dance lessons, because they allow any type of movement without being constricted. This outfit makes an ideal costume for recitals and performances.

9. Metallic or Sequined Jumpsuit- Jumpsuits which are used for dance costumes are usually very colorful and sparkling, and often contain metallic materials, sequins, and other decorations.

10. Ballroom Gown- Ballroom gowns are the ideal costume for ballroom dances, and these dresses may have large or elaborate skirts and are designed to allow easy dance movement execution.