Deep Sea Fishing San Diego

Top 10 Deep Sea Fishing San Diego Companies

The companies below offer some of the best deep sea fishing San Diego has to offer. The water off the coast of San Diego has some of the best deep sea fishing in the world. During the summer, the warm waters near San Diego attract a large number of fish. Within ten miles of the shore you can catch sand bass, calico bass, white sea bass, mackerel, barracuda, and dorado. Deep sea fishing charters that go out 60 to 80 miles report albacore, big eye tuna, bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, yellow tail, and skipjack.

When you’re ready to check out one of the many deep sea fishing charters, select one of the top deep sea fishing San Diego companies below. They offer a variety of trips from half day trips to overnight tours. During the winter, as the waters cool, the fish head south and the deep sea charters follow. Deep sea fishing boats travel all the way to Cabo San Lucas, located on the southernmost end of Baja. For salmon fishing tips, search the Internet or consult the crew of the sportfishing tour.

1. Seaforth Sportfishing

2. Fisherman’s Landing

3. Helgren’s Sportfishing

4. H & M Sportfishing and Whale

5. Islandia Sportfishing Ltd

6. Point Loma Sportfishing

7. American Angler Sportfishing

8. Contender Sportfishing

9. Independence Sportfishing

10. Topgun Sportfishing

Although you can bring your own pole, most deep sea fishing San Diego companies provide each passenger their own rods and other gear as part of the overall fee. If you do bring your own fishing equipment, be sure to include a minimum 20 pound tackle. Crew members are helpful and can assist you in reeling in that big catch. If you participate in a Baja deep sea fishing tour, you will need a separate Mexican fishing permit and a U.S. license. Most deep sea fishing San Diego companies can help with and permits as well as bass fishing techniques.