Fantasy Baseball Tips

Top 10 Fantasy Baseball Tips

This article provides important fantasy baseball tips for the beginning fantasy manager. Fantasy baseball is a growing, $4.5 billion industry with millions of participants worldwide. If you love baseball and always wanted to manage a major league baseball team, consider getting participating in fantasy baseball. Here are the top ten fantasy baseball tips to help improve your odds of winning your fantasy league.

1. Prepare, prepare, prepare – The season is often won or lost at the draft. For fantasy baseball advice, consult multiple fantasy baseball guide websites.

2. Draft strategically – In the early rounds of the draft, pick the best available player, regardless of position. This is one of the most important fantasy baseball tips.

3. Think thievery – Draft for stolen bases. Stolen bases are over-weighted in fantasy baseball.

4. Draft closers – Saves is another over-weighted statistical category and closers can earn multiple saves per week.

5. Load up on sluggers – With very few exceptions, starting pitchers are rarely worth first round picks. Wait until the fifth round or so to start picking up pitchers. This is one of the most overlooked fantasy baseball tips.

6. Show me the money – Choose a league that offers fantasy baseball cash prizes for at least the top four places. That keeps participants interested the entire season.

7. Keep it rational – When thinking about making a trade, use a fantasy baseball trade analyzer to do the math for you and keep emotion out of the equation.

8. Watch the injury lists – Having an injured player in your lineup costs you points. Keep your line-up full of active players.

9. Manage like there’s no tomorrow – Drop a pitcher after his last start of the season.

10. Keep tabs on MLB line-ups – Real-life line-up changes can result in a significant change to your player’s fantasy stats, especially RBIs.

Keep these fantasy baseball tips in mind as you prepare for your draft and upcoming season.