Fastpitch Softball Bats

Top 10 Fastpitch Softball Bats

1. DeMarini CF4 InsaneFastpitch Bat 2011- This is one of the newest fastpitch softball bats offered by DeMarini, and also one of the best.

2. Louisville Slugger FP11X Xeno Composite- Unlike slow pitch softball bats, this Louisville Slugger is designed to help you be your best on the diamond when fastpitch is the game plan.

3. Anderson Rocketech Fastpitch Bat 2011- This bat is stronger and stiffer than most, and this means an incredible ability to hit hard and far on the field. Rocketech is a name known for quality, and this bat is a favorite among those who regularly play softball.

4. Mizuno Frenzy 3.0 Fastpitch Bat 2011- Techfire technology and the use of three different materials in construction make this choice one of the top fastpitch softball bats you can find.

5. Worth Storm Fastpitch Bat 2011- A thinner taper and lower price make this bat one of the top picks for those who know softball equipment. This bat can normally be found at less than one hundred dollars, but it performs like one that costs many times this amount.

6. Miken MV-3 Light Fastpitch Bat 2010- This is one of the Miken fastpitch softball bats from last year, but it is still a contender in the top ten because of the performance and feel that it offers.

7. Easton Stealth Clarity Fastpitch Bat- This is one of the best fastpitch softball bats available, and while the price may seem a little high for a bat the performance you get from the patented design that uses extended flex is amazing.

8. Morphed OS Fastpitch 2011- Multi wall construction, an excellent weight to length ratio, and a lightweight feel but powerful performance are all reasons why this bat is consistently named one of the top ten.

9. Miken Freak FX 700 Fastpitch Bat 2011- With a price of around three hundred dollars this is one of the high end fastpitch softball bats, but also one of the best as well for many different reasons.

10. Easton Synergy Speed SRV4B- This is one of the top choices when it comes to Easton fastpitch softball bats, and it is light yet very effective when hitting the ball.