Top 10 Field Hockey Camps in USA

Field Hockey Camps

Over the years, learning how to play field hockey has become trendy. Field hockey is a fun game that could be played by all genders and ages. The aim of field hockey is to move a small ball around the field, past the goalie and into an opponent’s goal. Skillful play of field hockey requires intelligent handling of the ball among other types of drills and field hockey rules. Deciding the best type of field hockey equipment is another important item to consider when learning the game of field hockey. Field hockey equipment includes composite sticks, a ball or puck, shin guards and cleats. In some areas where field hockey is played, certain players will wear eye masks, to help protect their face even more. While the sport is moderately safe, safeguarding oneself in any sport is always a good choice.

When deciding whether or not to send your child to a hockey camp, there are some things to consider such as price, is it a day camp or a sleep away camp, how long does the camp last, what is the camp format, and how long has the camp been in business. All of these items must be decided upon before enrolling your child in summer field hockey camps, or any kind of field hockey camp for that matter. Field hockey camps teach children the basic fundamentals of the game as well as advanced and clever techniques that will help them should they play on a team at their school. The most significant factor in choosing sports camps for kids is price. The cost of camps ranges from $150 to well over $1,000 depending upon the types of activities that come with it. Usually field hockey camps that cost over $500 allow for a sleep-away atmosphere and the length of the camp is over 2 weeks. Some camps are geared solely towards boys and young men, while others are geared towards girls and young women. Usually day camps for field hockey are anywhere between 2-3 weeks, while camps that have the sleep away option or are sleep away camps only are more than 4 weeks on average.

So what are the best camps? In USA field hockey, who decides which camp is the best one for children and young adults to partake in this riveting sport? Here is a list of the top 10 camps specializing on field hockey in the USA.

  • Mountain Sports in Massachusetts – offering a plethora of clinics and camps for field hockey players, this camp, while geared more towards goalies, provides a myriad of techniques and exercise for field hockey players. Campers can stay on the campus or go to the camp for the day. Training is intense at the camp, but field hockey players are sure to learn the ins and outs of the game of field hockey as well as field hockey rules, while enjoying the sport itself.
  • Babson College Field Hockey Camp for Girls – strictly geared for girls, this camp allows the girls and young women to progress in the game of field hockey at their own pace. This camp is heavily focused on getting the girls to understand the strategies needed to win a field hockey game and the specific concepts of the game itself.
  • Stop That Shot! Goalkeeping Academy – another camp tailored towards goalies, yet provides interesting methodology to all field hockey players. This camp runs five days and builds a robust foundation in all goalies at any level of play.
  • Nike Field Hockey Camp – discussed and talked about in field hockey circles, the field hockey players are taught some of the most important strategies needed in field hockey. Players participate in a number of drills and can remain at the camp overnight or come for the day. The camp is taught by coaches at Lock Haven University in Pennsylvania where the camp is located.
  • The Premier Clinic a.k.a. The Northeast Field Hockey Clinic – a beautiful picturesque field hockey camp, the clinic is designed for all field hockey players at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. The fundamentals of the sport are taught. The clinic includes 4 indoor 1/2 field surfaces for play, 8 grass field hockey fields and a field house. The clinic is a worthwhile experience for those field hockey players who want a unique experience.
  • UC Davis Field Hockey Camp – providing the skills and tactics needed for the sport of field hockey, players are trained physically, mentally and nutritionally to become the best field hockey player they can be at this camp.
  • Quinnipiac University Field Hockey Camp – with summer specific sessions, players can learn the best about the sport of field hockey with more than four sessions available in the heart of Connecticut.
  • Lake Greenley – located in Pennsylvania, this camp is built for the field hockey athlete and offers other activities as well and superb instruction and is accredited by the ACA (American Camp Association).
  • Tripp Lake Camp – located in Maine, one of the oldest hockey camps promising a safe and structured program with an outstanding environment for learning the non-contact sport.
  • Camp Walden – located in Maine since 1931, Camp Walden has supported field hockey players of all levels and prides itself on creating a magical experience for all those that come.

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