Guided Elk Hunts

Top 10 Guided Elk Hunts In USA

Guided elk hunts are a great way to enjoy the sport you love. Not only do you get to enjoy the scenic views and hunt in awesome environments, on elk hunting trips you’ll learn from a knowledgeable instructor, which can help you refine your skills as a hunter and lead to hunts that are more successful.

Here is a look at the top ten guided elk hunts.

1. Colorado elk hunting combines the thrill of hunting for elk on the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. Mangus 5 Outfitters offers to equip your hunting party, which can include an elk hunting rifle and personalize a hunt for you so you can receive the most out of your experience.

2. Big Horn Basin in Cody, Wyoming offers the best in guided elk hunts. From a knowledgeable guide to chef prepared meals you’ll receive the best experience. They state you’re likely to have an 80 to 100% success rate.

3. High Top Outfitters in Utah offer a one of a kind guided elk tour. They allow you to use whatever weapon you prefer, that way if your preference is recurve bow hunting you’re able to bring it with you.

4. Spotted Bear Ranch located in Montana provides a world-class experience in guided elk hunts. From comfortable accommodations, to professional guides who possess extensive knowledge in the local area, to chef prepared meals, you’ll find this trip to be a memorable one.

5. Stockton Outfitters is one of the best places to elk hunt. Their staff personalizes the experience for you so you can receive the most out of your hunt.

6. Rick Wemple Outfitting offers guided tours. In addition, they can allow you to hunt up to ten days, giving you plenty of time to have a successful hunt.

7. Wyoming Expeditions is only nine miles from Yellowstone Park. They specialize in elk hunts providing each hunter with one of the best opportunity to hunt elk.

8. Chama River Outfitters in New Mexico are a great way to hunt elk. The staff is knowledgeable and does a great job selecting locations ensuring you have the best opportunity to have a successful hunt.

9. Gonzaa Hunting Adventures in Colorado offers beautiful scenery and knowledgeable guides. They do the hunts on ATVs and 4X4, giving the hunter an exhilarating experience.

10. High Adventure Ranch touts a 100% success rate in elk hunting. With a knowledgeable staff and flexible hunting time, you’ll receive a one of kind hunting experience.