Hatha Yoga Benefits

Top 10 Hatha Yoga Benefits

Yoga has been recognized to have versatile benefits to the human body including enhancing of relaxation and making body more conducive to healthy sleep, lowering unhealthy cholesterol levels, increasing mental clarity and focus, and most importantly a stronger and more robust shield against common illnesses. Whether it’s hot hatha yoga or kundalini yoga you decided to give a try to, you are sure to reap an endless list of benefits both for body and mind. Yoga is a combination of aware breathing and bodily exercise intended to increase blood circulation, posture and mental well being. Hatha Yoga is its simplest form of yoga is gentle and peaceful to the body. It is complementary to older individuals and individuals who are not very limber in stature. Many people have tried hatha yoga classes and found them to be beneficial. It has become quite popular among today’s fitness community as it encourages a healthy and peaceful mind-body connection. Many hatha yoga teachers have noted that it dates back to the 15th century and was used for meditative practices. It is often known to be called forceful yoga as it requires much physical effort. It is one of the most well-known types that exist. Hatha Yoga is one of four traditional yogas under the umbrella of tantra yoga that concentrates on breathing and postures, called asanas with the main objective being to energize the body’s energy channels efficiently. The poses provide the necessary distress mechanisms that bring peace and tranquility. This form of exercise encompasses many different yoga benefits for women and yoga benefits for men as well as hot hatha yoga. Where many forms of yoga seem to be constructed in using eight limbs, hatha yoga encompasses only six, according to those that practice it. Each of these limbs represents a crucial component to the whole in steadying the body for controlled breathing and fervent focus.

As a traditionally established type of yoga, Hatha yoga is often considered to be a popular form of yoga for beginners of this practice. To reap the many hatha yoga benefits, it is important to practice as much as possible and try to work it into the daily regimen. The hatha yoga poses include the knee-chest, which stretches the back and hips, and relaxes the shoulders; the bridge, which is a type of reverse pull for the back, and firms up the thighs and back muscles while improving blood circulation; the forward bend, which alleviates constipation if present in the body and nourishes organs; the prone twist, which induces a restful and serene state in the body by relaxing the hips and shoulders; the table lift, a pose that strengthens ligament function and opens the lungs and chest; the spinal twist, a preventative pose that keeps the spine aligned and nerve centers nourished adequately; the cat stretch, a pose that loosens the muscles of the back; the mule kick, which teaches a yoga student intense concentration and focus; the yoga mudra, which improves circulation to parts of the body especially the face; the dog stretch, which is likened to a puppy stretch; the half moon, an energizer to the hips and thighs and also knees and the triangle, which if held for 30 seconds on each side, has the ability to increase lung capacity and improve posture.

Here is a list of the top 10 hatha yoga benefits.

1. Stimulates growth to the mental ability of the mind by improving concentration and energy flow.

2. Forces the body to relax under stressful circumstances and allows one to center them self through a healing practice.

3. Improve physical and emotional dysfunction in the body by imparting balance.

4. Creates a more flexible body and stronger muscle agility.

5. Strengthens the power of the will through intense concentration of the asanas.

6. Forces the energy channels to move through vigorous and inner meditation techniques.

7. The body itself becomes more able to handle physical intensity and mastery.

8. Produces a sunnier resonance in an individual by raising brain chemicals.

9. Builds confidence, self esteem and enhances overall well being.

10. Produces a sense of compassion in an individual – the philosophy of this benefit are that through moving and breathing during the physical asana practice, the mind is liberating from much disagreement with others.

Hatha yoga has often been called a disciplined yoga because of the state of spiritual perfection that is reached when practiced and the way one can withdraw from the reality and focus solely on the postures and their body. This is another one of the many benefits of hatha yoga that make it one of the most popular yoga types in the country and across the world. Due to a wide range of benefits many individuals seeking to move into the yoga arena and teach it will need to go through hatha yoga teacher training course to become certified instructors.