Hiking Trails In Southern California

Top 10 Hiking Trails In Southern California

Hiking is a great way to enjoy nature and exercise. One of the best places to hike is Southern California. Known for its rugged beauty and wonderful climate, people will enjoy Southern California hikes.

Before beginning, it’s important to have the correct gear when hiking. This means understanding the layout of the trails you’ll be going on. The topography is different in many areas and you may not encounter the same obstacles you’ll find on Northern California hiking trails.

In addition, choosing the correct trail hiking shoes is essential, as it will provide the hiker with comfort and traction on some of the rougher trails. You can stop by your local sporting goods store to pick some up and they can equip you with anything else you need on your hike. Once you have that, here are the top ten hiking trails in Southern California.

1. For those looking for challenging hiking trails in Southern California, Mount Whitney offers one of the best. The trials winds 22 miles and takes hikers to some of the highest points in country. This extremely difficult trial will test the hiker’s mental strength. The reward for getting to the top is beautiful views, which are well worth the effort.

2. Canyon Creeks offers hikers an extensive trail through awesome mountain ranges. This means the hiker will get to see some wonderful views while enduring a challenging course.

3. Holy Jim Trails offers the best in hiking Southern California. Hikers will enjoy the scenic view while hiking through the Santa Ana mountains and multiple trips over Holy Jim Creek.

4. Santa Anita Canyon Loop Trail is the perfect wilderness oasis. In one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Southern California the Santa Anita offers breathtaking views of Winter Creek.

5. Another great hiking trail is San Gorgonio Mountain. Hikers will be whisked away to beautiful mountain views and forgotten forests.

6. Cedar Falls Creek Trail offers much in the way of its unique topography. With the San Diego River as a focal point, hikers will find the area to be a beautiful hike filled with wonderful views of the Cuyamaca Mountains.

7. San Jacinto Peak is one of the best in hiking trails in Southern California because of its mountain peaks. Located on top of the San Gorgonio Mountain, hikers will find a challenge trail that offers wonderful views and dense forests.

8. Big Santa Anita Loop is a wonderful trail at the front part of the San Gabriel Mountains. The terrain provides much in the way of shade as hikers will find this the ideal escape from the hustle and bustle of busy life.

9. Beach Trail is perfect for those wanting to hike and enjoy breathtaking views of the Pacific. With a nice mixture of Torrey Pines and oceanfront views, hikers will enjoy the nice diversity this trail offers.

10. The San Jacinto Trail is a perfect mixture of mountain views with dense forests. Hikers will enjoy the challenge of it trails while enjoy the breathtaking views San Jacinto mountain range has to offer.