Horseback Riding Vacations

Top 10 Horseback Riding Vacations In USA

Do you want a unique experience while vacationing? Then plan on a few horseback riding vacations. Hopefully, one of these will be near enough for you to visit.

1. Totsonii Ranch – There is nothing better than horseback riding in Arizona among the cliffs, except for maybe camping here at this ranch along side your horse. Check out this ranch that is located in Canyon de Chelly at Totsonii Ranch

2. Marriott Ranch – This ranch is owned by the infamous Marriott and is located in Hume Va. which is about an hour away from Washington DC. This is a very popular horseback riding vacations spot to go to. Check them out here at Marriott Ranch

3. Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm – This ranch is all about the Icelandic horse breed, which were bred to withstand harsher climates. Check out their website and all about this breed of horse here Icelandic Horse Farm

4. Bardy’s Trail Rides – You’ve never experienced anything like trail riding through Alaska where you can see majestic wildlife in their own habitat. They have a website here Seward Horses

5. Biltmore Estates – Yes, the Biltmore Estates in Asheville NC. Check them out at their breathtaking website here Biltmore Estates

6. Rapp Corral – Horseback riding in the snowy mountains of Durango Colorado is an adventure to be had. Check out this ranch’s website here Rapp Corral

7. Na’alapa Stables – What can be said about riding a horse on an island as beautiful as Hawaii? Check them out here Na’alapa Stables

8. Triple Creek Horse Outfit – This ranch is in Napa Valley California. What a beautiful view as you go horseback riding in California through the vineyards of wine country. Make sure to look through their beautiful photos while at their website here Triple Creek Horse Outfit

9. Big Red Stables – Ever wanted to ride a Tennessee walking horse? Yes? Then make sure to put Big Red Stables in Kentucky on your horseback riding vacations list as a must see vacation spot. Check out their website here Big Red Stable

10. Canyon Trail Rides – This ranch is located in Utah. This is a very popular ranch to go horseback riding in Utah because of its horseback riding tours through so many national parks.

What are you waiting for? Make sure to book your trip today. For more info, check out this website: Top 10 Destinations for Horseback riding