Ice Hockey Sticks

Top 10 Ice Hockey Sticks

1. Warrior Dolomite Spyne DD Grip Senior Composite Hockey Stick- This is one of the top ice hockey sticks for many reasons, and the Warrior name is a trusted one when it comes to this equipment. This model gives exceptional performance with no drawbacks.

2. Bauer Vapor X:60 Senior Goalie Hockey Stick- This stick by Bauer is considered essential ice hockey goalie equipment for those who know quality and fine hockey sticks

3. Bauer One100 Senior Hockey Stick- This carbon composite stick offers a mid kick point, a core that is Aero Foam II, and a feel that is incredible. This stick is named as a top ten by most hockey players.

4. Easton Synergy ST Grip Senior Hockey Stick-Easton makes exceptional ice hockey sticks, and the Synergy ST grip is no exception. The blade construction offers three ribs, and the SHOX technology used ensures that you will get maximum performance and effectiveness on the ice where it counts.

5. Reebok 8.0.8 Stick Grip Senior Hockey Stick- This ice hockey equipment by Reebok is designed to give you the maximum power possible on the ice, without holding you back in any way. A proprietary grip allows you exceptional hold, and pure fiber technology minimizes the energy transfer to your hands.

6. CCM U+ Crazy Light Senior Hockey Stick- This stick is named one of the top ten for numerous reasons, but the incredibly light weight is one of the biggest. Weighing in at only four hundred and fifteen grams this is one of the lightest you will find on the market without sacrificing power and performance.

7. Ballistik 52 Caliber Senior Hockey Stick- Puck control and shooting performance are specialties with this stick. Unlike many ice hockey sticks the Ballistik 52 Caliber will help you see improvement in your game quickly.

8. Tour Spartan XT Senior Hockey Stick- This graphite composite stick will work well with any ice hockey skates and other equipment, and the custom power flex feature gives you superior power and performance while improving your control.

9. Easton EQ50 Grip Senior Hockey Stick- This is one of the ice hockey sticks that combines both control and balance for better performance on the ice.

10. Warrior Widow Grip Senior Hockey Stick- This is not one of the field hockey sticks, and on the ice few sticks can compare. A weight of only four hundred and twenty grams make this a light choice that will not hamper your abilities in the game.