Top 10 Items on Trout Fishing Gear List

To catch trout you need the right trout fishing gear. Trout fishing in America is very popular, particularly in northern climates where there are cool, clear waters. Here are the top ten items to include in your trout fishing gear list.

1. Fishing rigs – In small streams an ultra-light fishing rod between four and five feet is appropriate. The reel should include an exposed spool at the front of the reel. Rods and reels can be purchased separately or together in one package. In larger streams a six- to seven-foot rod works best.

2. Bait – Natural bait works well for trout fishing. You can even find bait near the location where you will be fishing, including grasshoppers, leeches, grubs, and earthworms.

3. Lures – Artificial lures may also be used to catch trout. Spinner lures have metal blades that spin as they move through the water. Spoons imitate bait fish by wobbling and twisting in the water.

4. Waders – Hip waders are made of vulcanized rubber and they completely cover the fisherman’s legs. Chest waders come all the way up to the chest and include adjustable suspenders. Both types of waders can come with a polyester fleece insulation to keep the fisherman warmer in cold weather.

5. Boots – Wading boots can be ankle- or knee-high and work well for shallow brook trout fishing.

6. Vests – Fishing vests serve as hands-free tackle boxes, allowing you to wander up and down the stream with all your essential trout fishing gear. Most vests include 20 or more pockets to hold trout fishing tackle and other necessary supplies. Make sure the pockets include a secure snap or Velcro closure.

7. Hats – A brimmed hat will keep the sun out of your eyes as well as provide shade for your face. But don’t forget the sun block!

8. Sunglasses – A good pair of polarized sunglasses will help you see fish and obstacles under the water.

9. Nets – Some nets may damage the fish if you practice catch and release fishing.

10. Creels – A creel is traditionally a wicker basket for holding trout after they are caught.

Use this list to collect your trout fishing gear next time you go brown trout fishing.