Kids Car Racing Games

Top 10 Kids Car Racing Games Online

In an ever expanding technological age, many games have been created and fallen into the online atmosphere. Children can now play their Xbox, Playstation, Wii or go online to play certain types of games that range from educational to racing types such as slot car drag racing and go kart racing. Kids Car Racing games have always had a certain element of popularity, but have become even more popular lately. Here is a list of the top 10 Kids Car Racing Games Online.

1. Code Car Chaos – blast around the block, the track and everything you can think of with this Hot Wheels designed game. Have fun as you change lanes and chase opponents all while racing with this kids car racing game.

2. OverSize – taste the realities of monster trucking with this 3D spectacular. Instead of driving a regular race car, you get to step into a monster truck and truck with the best of them.

3. ATV Tag Race – this four wheeler car racing for kids game incorporates 2D graphics with a challenge not to crash at all to complete unnerving and complex levels of racing magic.

4. Micro Racers 2 – navigate around a track while trying to outdrive your opponents, this kids car racing game is enthralling to say the least.

5. 4 x 4 Monster – monster trucks, all the time. Prepare to defeat different obstacles without crashing your 4 x 4.

6. Bike Trial – find your racing with motorcycle balancing. Complete each track in a diminutive amount of time to gain the high score.

7. Dune Buggy – who knew dune buggies could be so much fun, but this kids car racing game proves that it is. Just be careful not to fall in the ravine.

8. Race Master – unveil your inner kid with this racing game that combines classic racing with 3D graphics.

9. Braap Braap Motorcross – tricks of the motorcycle trade is what this kids car racing game is about. Avoid crashing your motorcycle though, if you can help it.

10. Space Daytona – soar the cosmic Milky Way with space tracks that are complete with magnetic edges and rays that will keep you coming back for more.