Luxury Sailing Yachts

Top 10 Luxury Sailing Yachts

1. Perini Navi Yachts- The top luxury sailing yachts in the world come from this world class ship designer, and over the top luxury combine with exceptional sailing performance for a yacht you will love at first sight and sail.

2. Royal Huisman Yachts- Whether you are looking for a personal yacht, or you want a sailing yacht charter boat, Royal Huisman is one of the top builders of yachts which include luxury and sailing capabilities.

3. Friendship Yachts- Friendship offers three distinctive choices when it comes to sailing yachts, and this is a builder who understands the craft.

4. X-Yachts-One of the top luxury sailing yachts is offered by X-Yachts, a name known and trusted by many yacht owners who enjoy sailing in comfort and luxury. This company was started more than three decades ago, and they are still making quality yachts today.

5. Oyster Marine Yachts- Sailing adventures in a blue water luxury yacht is very possible with a sailing yacht from Oyster Marine. Some of the yachts offered are large enough to be used as a charter yacht, and all offer extreme luxury and comfort.

6. Abeking & Rasmussen Yachts- German shipbuilder Abeking & Rasmussen offer one of the best yachts intended for sailing you can find. Top quality is what you can expect from a yacht designed and built by these experts.

7. Beneteau Yachts- Beneteau makes one of the top luxury sailing yachts found anywhere. This company is based in France, and they offer yachts with incredible luxury and speed both.

8. Zeydon Yachts- Zeydon offers sailing yachts with the utmost luxury, unlike Azimut yachts which are motorized and may be larger. Zeydon offers models up to one hundred feet in length, and the shipyard is based in Belgium.

9. Najad Yachts- This company in Sweden creates luxury sailing yachts using traditional techniques combined with modern technology, for a yacht that really delivers performance and luxury both.

10. Princess Yachts- Princess has been making luxury yachts for more than three decades, and this experience and skill really come through in the yachts offered by this company. The quality, reputation, and amenities offered all make these boats one of the top ten.