Mountain Bike Tours

Top 10 Mountain Bike Tours in USA

Mountain bike vacations are a great way to get some exercise and see some of our country’s most scenic areas. Here is a look at the ten best mountain bike tours.

  1. One of the best options is in the Oregon Lake bike tour. Along with seeing some of the best views the Pacific Northwest offers, riders will enjoy the smooth ride and excellent amenities.
  2. The Sun Valley biking experience is an excellent way to see our plains. The six day tour begins in Boise and concludes in Sun Valley. Besides biking you also have the option to kayak or canoe in their beautiful rivers.
  3. For those looking for a southwest flavor to their mountain bike tours they can look no further than Cactus Classic bike tours. Riders will enjoy the beautiful views and can stay in some of the most historic inns of the old west.
  4. Colorado mountain bike trails offer riders some of the most amazing views of the Rocky Mountain. For those wanting a challenge, the Colorado bike trail is an excellent way to test your endurance while taking in breathtaking views.
  5. Families can also find mountain bike tours that offer a great mix of riding and hiking. One of the best is the Columbia George Family biking experience. Families will enjoy going down the Oregon Trail and enjoying the wonderful views of Mt. Hood.
  6. Utah mountain biking is a fun way to check out some of the areas caves and amazing canyon views. Moreover, riders can hike through the many walking trails and enjoy a trip to a ghost town.
  7. There are also mountain bike tours that can challenge even the most experienced biker. The San Jose to Las Vegas Bike tour offers cyclist a chance to test their stamina with a five-day 625 mile ride!
  8. For those looking tours that offer a mix of attractions, Leavenworth Mountain Biking offers the perfect mix of biking trails and other activities such as hiking and kayaking.
  9. Epic bike trips tests a cyclist’s endurance. For those looking for an epic ride the Northern California tour offers the perfect combination of breathtaking views and challenging distances.
  10. Lastly, Vermont bike tours offer cyclist the chance to ride through dense forests and take in the amazing views of the Mad River Valley.