Northern California Hiking Trails

Top 10 Northern California Hiking Trails

Some of the best hiking in the world is along California hiking trails. Visit the many hiking trails in southern California to experience awesome scenery and natural beauty.

1. Deep Creek – This hike features a cluster of natural hot springs in the high desert. One of the most unique California hiking trails, Deep Creek trail requires a gradual six mile hike. The hot spring water is clear and averages 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

2. Canyon Creek Lakes and L Lake – This hike features beautiful waterfalls, sapphire blue lakes, wildflowers and rugged granite peaks and is one of the best southern California hikes.

3. Holy Jim Falls Trail – This trail in the Santa Ana Mountains passes under trees and crosses Holy Jim Creek before it reaches 35-foot waterfalls.

4. San Gorgonio Mountain – The beautiful scenery along this trail includes two subalpine lakes, virgin forests, a lush meadow, and windswept alpine ridges. If you are hiking southern California, this is a must-see.

5. Santa Anita Canyon Loop Trail – Less than half hour from the freeway in San Gabriel Valley, the Santa Anita Canyon Loop Trail is a great trail for beginners and day hikers.

6. Sykes Hot Spring – This requires a ten mile hike to a cluster of natural hot springs adjacent to a creek. The water is a comfortable 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

7. American River Confluence to Lake Clementine – One of the best California hiking trails, this hike features a wild river canyon, raging rapids, a loud waterfall and soothing pools and even a tranquil lake.

8. North Lake to Humphreys Basin Loop – Hiking this trail you will see a stream with a beautiful waterfall and flower-filled meadows.

9. Lodgepole Campground to Deadman Canyon Loop – This is a serious, 50-mile loop with some spectacular views – granite mountaintops with flower covered meadows.

10. Agnew Meadows to Ediza Lake – This moderate trail allows the hiker to view the scenery of Ritter Range.

Put on your waterproof hiking shoes and hit some California hiking trails.