Road Bikes For Women

Top 10 Road Bikes For Women

1. Cannondale R1000 Feminine- One of the top 10 road bikes for women, this model from Cannondale does not come cheap, but the price is well worth it for all of the advantages and features that this bike offers women.

2. K2 Myste Road- This bike is one of the inexpensive racing road bikes, with a cost less than one thousand dollars. The performance and exceptional comfort that this bike features makes it a popular choice for many women riders.

3. Luna Cycles Eclipse- This bike was built specifically for women customers, and it offers some features of custom bikes and exceptional road performance and handling.

4. Terry Isis- With the titanium frame and a brand only for women, the Terry Isis is one of the top choices when it comes to road bikes for women. You will pay more than two thousand dollars for this bike, but you will consider it money well spent after the very first ride.

5. The Amira- One of the new specialized road bikes, the Amira is designed specifically for road racing, and is engineered to fit a woman’s body perfectly. Light yet incredibly strong and rigid, this is a top choice for women cyclists.

6. The Ruby- The Ruby is a road bike designed to give maximum performance and endurance, and it is one of the more expensive bikes but also offers better handling and performance as well.

7. Arial Sport Disc-Made by Specialized, this bike is listed as one of the best road bikes for women. An aluminum frame makes this bike very light, yet it performs exceptionally well on both road and dirt surfaces.

8. The Dolce- This bike is named one of the top ten for several reasons. Triple gearing on this bike means that even the steepest hills are not a problem, and bike helmets for women that match your outfit will keep you looking good while you ride in style.

9. Trek Medone 5.0- Trek makes one of the top ten road bikes for women, and this bike offers ten speeds and a triple chain set so even steep hills are no sweat.

10.< Orbea Diva TPB- This bike is from Orbea, which offers road bike frames as well as complete models. The Diva offers a carbon frame and carbon forks, and may not be the cheapest option but is considered one of the best for women riders.