Top 10 Sailing Adventures For Yacht Owners

Sailing Adventures

For yacht owners and enthusiasts, one of the best ways to vacation is on the open sea. Here are ten sailing adventures you can try.

  • For those looking for competitive sailing adventures, the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac is the perfect trip. The race is over 289 nautical miles long and is a great way to enjoy the views of the Great Lakes in a race setting.
  • Yacht Week is a wonderful time to explore the open seas with beautiful coastlines. This year’s summer edition takes place in Croatia, Greece and Italy. This is a fun opportunity to enjoy a sailing yacht charter in gorgeous surroundings.
  • The Caribbean Sailing Vacation is a good way to see the Virgin Islands and nearby areas. The trip is in the winter and offers a perfect getaway for those who live in colder climates.
  • Thorfinn Expeditions delivers fun and versatile sailing adventures. They have many programs that range from a day to multi days, thereby giving you ample time to explore the sea. They can travel to anywhere in North America, which makes them a great option for those all across the U.S.
  • Maine Adventure Sails is a fun way to enjoy a vacation along the East Coast. They have three, four and six day trips that include excellent amenities such as gourmet food and beautiful settings.
  • In Jacksonville, Florida, you can experience hands on sailing adventures. The Ortega Yacht Club offers sailing instruction vacations that are perfect for beginners.
  • In the Wind Adventures explores the Caribbean coasts. Additionally, they offer many fun events such as yoga, windsurfing and diving.
  • For excellent service and fun adventures, you cannot go wrong with the Nanny Cay. They have over ten years of experience of charter services and their attentive staff will make you feel right at home.
  • The Sancerre is a fun way to see the beautiful Channel Islands in southern California. Captain Dan will take you on a once in a lifetime trip where you will experience beautiful coves, delicious food and whale watching opportunities.
  • Antigua Sailing Week is the best way to enjoy the area. Additionally, they offer different races where you compete against other enthusiasts. The races begin on Friday, April 20 and run through Friday, May 4.

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