Top 10 Scalextric Slot Cars – All-Time Favorites!

Scalextric Slot Cars

Slot Car drag racing holds a special place in every sports enthusiast’s heart. Individuals who enjoy everything about speed and acceleration, love slot car drag racing. Scalextric slot cars are high-class and are typically held to excellence and usually flaunted for their striking look. Some scalextric slot car owners have slot car racing sets and even got exposed to scalextric cars and ho slot cars as kids when visiting a local shop that sold car racing for kids toys. Here is a list of the top 10 scalextric slot cars.

1. Scalextric Porsche 997 GT3 RS No.33 – for the novice driver in you, prepare to be wowed by this lively scalextric slot car that is craggy and brash.

2. Scalextric Peugeot 908 – this unforgettable car was converted into a slot car and packs much roaring power.

3. Scalextric Nissan 350z Greddy Drift Slot Car – one of the more memorable and noteworthy scalextric cars, this slot car is for the fan who cannot resist the fast speeds and thrills of a moving vehicle.

4. Scalextric BMW Mini Cooper – a red slot car is laced with so many features, the slot racing fan will jump for joy with this one.

5. Scalextric Kimi Raikkornen Ferrari F1 – the famous Ferrari slot car that dominates when looked at. This particular model is matchless in that it won the Brazillian Grand Prix.

6. Scalextric Jaguar XKRS – elegance, debonair and just pure acceleration. This slot car is detailed precision to its core.

7. Scalextric Ford Mustang – in less than 60 seconds, this scalextric slot car proves it can manage with the big boys and adds an amazing depth to an impressive array of slot cars.

8. Scalextric Ferrari F430 – for the high speed enthusiast and car aficionado, this slot car is all around classy.

9. Scalextric White Dallara Car – get your Dallara here. This one comes with 6 team members, and a silver and yellow combination that will knock your socks off.

10. Scalextric Porsche RS Spyder – prepare to be amazed with this scalextric slot cars get up and go.

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